Buyers FAQ

    Are all dresses professionally cleaned?
    • Yes- all dresses must be professionally cleaned by the seller before our quality inspection process. 

    How long does it take to ship the dress?

    • Dresses will be shipped within two weeks of the purchase date. Shipping times and rates will vary depending on your location.

    What if my dress is lost in the mail?

    • In the event that a package goes missing, we will begin by filing a claim through UPS. Lost packages will be handled by New Fashioned Co, and UPS representatives. Updates on the missing package will be emailed to the client as information is collected. Click here to read about UPS claims. 

    What if I don't like the dress?

    • If the dress isn't how you imagined, you have five business days to return the wedding gown for a full refund. 

    What if the dress does not fit?

    • Typically, dresses can be taken in, or let out by two sizes. Per the return policy, you have five business days to return the dress. This will give you enough time to meet with your seamstress!

    Why should I buy a used dress?

    • Typically, a wedding gown is only worn once, maybe twice by its original owner. If you are looking for a high-quality dress, at a lower price, you have come to the right place! All dresses are thoroughly inspected before being posted on our website.

    Can I resell my dress?

    • We encourage this! As long as it passes the quality inspection process, you can resell your dress on our website. 

    Seller FAQ

    What is the quality inspection process?

    • A dress must be professionally cleaned, and have no visible holes, tears, or stains to pass the quality inspection process. Once the dress passes inspection, it will then be professionally photographed and added to our product page. 

      Is there a limit to the number of dresses active on the website?

      • There is not a number limit, however, we want our online boutique to feel exclusive. We may, at times, pause the "selling" aspect of the business. 

      What if my dress is not selling?

      • If your dress is not selling, we recommend lowering the selling price. You can do this by emailing info@newfashionedco.com. 

      What if I want my dress back?

      • We can send your dress back as long as it has not been sold. If the dress is purchased, the buyer owns the dress. 
      Why should I sell my wedding dress with New Fashioned?
      • There is no denying that there are other companies who can sell your wedding dress. But, there are two things that differentiate us from the rest of the market.
      1. Photography- We will market your dress to its full potential through professional photography. This will allow buyers to see every aspect of your dress. 
      2. Exclusivity- Some sites have thousands of dresses available to potential buyers. With so many gowns available, this can be overwhelming. To ensure our seller's dresses don't get lost in the mix, we will pause taking in inventory until current products sell to provide an exclusive feel on our website.