How it Works

Selling a Dress

Selling your dress with New Fashioned is simple! 

1. Provide your dress details here

2. Wait for a response from the New Fashioned Team (within 48 hours) 

3. Pay the shipping fee via Pay Pal 

4. Wait for a shipping label from the New Fashioned Team 

5. Mail your dress 

Once your dress passes the quality inspection process, it will be professionally photographed, then posted on our website! The turnaround time from start (inspection) to finish (live on the website) is typically 10-12 days. 

When your dress sells, and the client passes the five business day mark on our return policy, we will send you 60% of the listing price! 

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Buying a Dress

1. Browse the website for a dress you love

2. Place the order 

3. Receive the dress within two weeks 

4. Try on your dress/meet with your seamstress

5. Decide to keep or return your dress within five business days

If you decide to return your dress, you will receive a full refund as long as it is sent back within the five business day mark. If the package is sent after five business says, you are no longer eligible for a full refund!

Within the try on period, we recommend that you meet with your seamstress. A wedding dress rarely fits perfectly the first time! Typically, a dress can safely be taken in or out by two sizes.